I have a passion for pourings! No matter if you use the same colors, techniques, or medium a pouring is unique and cannot be duplicated. Also, they are fun!

“Black Sabbath”

I created this 18×24 pen and ink portrait for my son as a gift. This was his first truck and of course he had a tough name for his tough truck. If you look closely you will see I only used circles and dots to create the entire picture.

Many hours went into this project!


I had an amazing opportunity to paint the winner of the Kentucky Derby for a pin company. This has been an incredible experience for me! Thank you Classic Pins! Check them out: Classic Pins. The original acrylic painting is on a 18×24 canvas.

My Version

So…. my niece (that is more like a sister I never had) asked if I would paint her a copy of Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” for her classroom. I gave it a try, and this is my 24×30, acrylic “version” of Van Gough’s masterpiece.

Alas, I am no where close to his original in scale or details but it was an honest effort, and my niece was very happy!

Dear Iris

Here is something different! This 11×14 oval canvas piece is a combination of a paint pouring background and hand painted foreground of deep purple Iris flowers. I love the brilliant colors and contrast. As always, I am learning as I go, and I’m having a blast!